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Green Smoothies and Grateful Readers


kiwi juiceBY MARY HUNT

Some days I can’t believe how lucky I am. Not only do I get to communicate with this growing audience of readers, but many of you also reciprocate with lovely responses. Every single day I open my mailbox and out spills wonderful notes, letters — even an occasional multiple-page tome. Mostly, you send me questions, but now and then it’s just a wonderful thank you note. Always, I’m grateful for your feedback.

Dear Mary: I am marching in your army of green smoothie breakfasters! Is your recipe (see previous column, “Turns Out It IS Easy Being Green”) for one or two people? (Asked as she obligingly drinks the whole thing, which seems quite adequate!) — Christine

Dear Christine: You just made me laugh out loud envisioning you marching in your green uniform, smoothie in hand. It is a recipe for one single 16-ounce smoothie, and yes, it makes for a very adequate, healthy smoothie. You could easily divide this to make two smaller servings, but I do like your style. Happy to have you in the army, by the way.

Dear Mary: I just have to say Thank You! I recently purchased the Shark Navigator Life-Away Professional vacuum that you have written about — even though I have a good vacuum and am trying to minimize my possessions. Oh my! I have been vacuuming for a week straight and am still getting dirt out of my family room carpeting. What’s more, it even feels like new carpeting under our feet. Not to mention that this machine is also beautiful — white and silver! This is just indicative of the numerous ways your wisdom and insight has blessed my family and me. Hope I get to see you in person again sometime (I was in the audience when you spoke in Naperville, Ill., several years ago). — Nancy

Dear Nancy: Yours is the ninth message I’ve received just this week from readers who are also ecstatic over their Shark vacuums. I know the feeling — I get it every time I put my Sharky to work. I have moved from being embarrassed by what he gets out of the carpet to feeling kinda’ self-righteous, knowing that finally my carpeting is really clean. Now it’s easy to keep it that way. I try to stay on top of even the smallest spot so it doesn’t become a stain, using the spot treatment Spot Shot.

It was great to hear from you and to recall that evening in Naperville. When I walked to the podium, I was shocked nearly to tears to see my college music professor, Wilbur David Ellsworth and his wife Jean, sitting front and center. I had not seen them since graduation day. Knowing that you were there as well makes that memory extra special.


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