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Summer White Out: The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing White

By Sharon Mosley

It’s time to shift gears and put your wardrobe into neutral with white, one of the most versatile “colors” around. From casual to dressy, from a pair of white jeans to a white sheath dress, white is the common style denominator for brightening up your spring and summer wardrobe. And yes, you can wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

At J.Crew, white — especially white jeans — is a big DO this season.

“White jeans are amazing,” says Tom Mora, vice president of women’s design at J.Crew. “I think when you put them on you just feel happier … lighter.

“I love them worn super skinny and cropped like our white cropped toothpick jeans or also destroyed like our vintage matchstick jeans. A really beat- up pair of white jeans worn with a loose T-shirt and a vachetta sandal always looks right!”

But before you buy that extra bottle of bleach, here are a few dos and don’ts for lightening up with white:
• Do make one of your first purchases this season a pair of white jeans. In a classic five-pocket style, they are one of the most resourceful items for your wardrobe; they will go with anything.

• Don’t forget to check sheerness. Panty lines or no panty lines, you want to make sure that your white pieces are not see through and you’re covered, especially when you step out into the daylight. Visible underwear is always a don’t.

• Do stock up on white T-shirts. You can never have enough of these go-with-everything basics. In ribbed tanks or classic crewnecks, the white T-shirt is a great layering piece for any time of year.

• Don’t get overwhelmed. If you’re wearing a loose white shirt, make sure you pair it with slim-fitting capris or pants. This also works in reverse — when wearing a fuller skirt, team it with a snug-fitting shirt.

• Do dress white up. When everyone else may be wearing a little black dress, you’ll stand out in a crisp white suit or sheath dress. Another casual dressy alternative: a white camisole underneath a sheer white blouse and teamed up with white jeans.

• Don’t upstage the bride. There is one occasion when wearing white may not be quite right, and we all know when that is: a wedding. That’s when you may want to wear your own little black strapless dress … let the bride stand out in white.

• Do splurge on accessories. Go ahead and get creative. Pick your favorite pair of turquoise sandals, a metallic tote or wooden hoops; add some personal style to your basic whites. White provides the perfect backdrop to show off unique accessories.

• Don’t have an emergency white out! Before you hit the beach or the pool in your new white bathing suit, please check out the wet factor.

We all know what can happen when a white swimsuit gets soaked. You might just be drenched with embarrassment.

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