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Tips for Great Style

FASHION - smo112415adAPIf you find yourself standing in front of your mirror and thinking you really don’t have anything to wear to the party tonight, it’s time to upgrade the glam factor of your wardrobe. Take a cue from Jenny Levin one of the editors of ‘Harper’s Bazaar.’

1) Always go for comfort. Consider comfort first and foremost.

2) Go for the perfect fit. Find an outfit that fits well. “Don’t go too tight,” says Levin, “or you’ll look stuffed in your clothes, but don’t go so loose that your figure gets lost.”

3) Make a statement, but only if you want to. If you want to garner a lot of attention, wear something that really stands out. But keep it sophisticated.

4) Get lost in the crowd. If you want to be a wallflower, pick something that’s simple and understated, but still chic.

5) Make it personal. When wearing a basic, like your favorite little black dress, give it a personal touch and wear a funky brooch, colorful scarf or a big necklace.

6) Be different. “Experimenting is encouraged,” she says.

7) Think outside the dress code. “Respect the suggested dress code of the evening, but don’t feel obligated to abide by it,” says Levin.

8) Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you arrive at a party and find that you are in a sequin dress and everyone else is in sweaters, don’t sweat it.

9) Don’t make a fuss. Avoid anything distracting — to you or others.

10) Have fun. “No matter what you wear,” says Levin, “go with it and forget about it at the door.  — CNS

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