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NurseGrown Organics 

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Jessilyn Dolan, RN
Matt Leonetti, Horticulturist

About NurseGrown Organics 

NurseGrown’s mission is to educate, support, and empower consumers while promoting sustainable, organic agriculture through affordable, premium Vermont hemp and CBD products. NurseGrown offers full spectrum hemp CBD products you can trust!

As a research nurse and herbalist, co-owner Jessilyn Dolan spent years searching for a local company and product that she was comfortable giving to her own children and recommending to other patients and medical colleagues. Not being able to do so and to ensure true transparency and cleanliness in cannabis, Jessilyn started NurseGrown with partner Matt Leonetti, horticulturist and farm compliance inspector. Jessilyn serves on the board of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, founded the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, and is vice president of the Vermont Nursing Association. Together, Jessilyn and Matt team up to bring you decades of experience and knowledge to their organically grown, processed and hand crafted “best of the best.”

Whether you are looking for the most affordable and highest quality Vermont CBD, or in need of a cannabis nurse and herbalist consultant to educate and support you individually, NurseGrown is here for you; we offer one-on-one consultations as well as group workshops and instruction tailored to your needs. Our Clean Green Certified hemp product line includes a 1500mg CBD oil organic hemp seed oil, 1500mg CBD:CBDA organic hemp seed oil with sunflower lecithin, 25mg CBD vegan capsules, an arnica and frankincense infused CBD balm, aromatherapy CBD massage oil blends, Elderberry Blueberry vegan chewables, and even a DIY hemp oil and salve all in one kit.

NurseGrown Organics Offers a Different Approach

NurseGrown prides itself on customer support and education. To NurseGrown, it is not just about making the sale. It is about helping the person find what they need, and for many hemp and CBD is just a piece of it. 

Nurse Grown is the first Vermont hemp farm to be certified Clean Green. Clean Green is the largest nationally recognized third party certifier for clean cannabis, promoting responsible and sustainable organic agriculture and a greater level of consumer safety. 

NurseGrown is one of only a handful of companies doing comprehensive full panel lab testing. Many companies test only for CBD and or THC. What a consumer really needs to know is that their cannabis products have been tested for the things we do NOT want in our cannabis, like heavy metals and mold. NurseGrown advocates for and only allows the industry gold standard of lab analysis. Not only do we go above and beyond, we help you understand why this is important, and keep it affordable at the same time.

NurseGrown Organics, Cannabis Products You Can Trust!

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NurseGrown Organics
 PO Box 4
Underhill VT 05489
Hemp and CBD Products | NurseGrown Organics

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