Shelburne Vineyard Company Profile

Year Business Started


Number of Employees


Company Management

Ken and Gail Albert (Owners)
Sam Coppola (Partner & Manager)
Kate Cartwright (Tasting Room Manager)
Joe Adler (Events and Marketing Manager)
Ethan Joseph (Head Winegrower and Vineyard Manager)

About Shelburne Vineyard

We craft both classic and modern wines for people who want to connect with their winegrower, support agricultural preservation in Vermont, and appreciate a taste of place never imagined. We promise to guide, educate, and engage, with the purpose of leading people to discover what Vermont wine offers.

Shelburne Vineyard is the only pioneering champion of the Vermont wine region that continues to explore uncharted territory in cold climate winegrowing. We continue to be integral in the growth and development of Vermont wine through close connection to our land, continuous experimentation, and the desire to create interesting, complex, and high-quality wines from cold-hardy grapes.

Company Contact Information

6308 Shelburne Rd
Shelburne VT 05482
Phone – 802-985-8222

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