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Aggrandizing a Small-Sized Master Bath

By Rose Bennett Gilbert

Q: How do you make a small master bath feel big and elegant? We “annexed” our married daughter’s bedroom next to ours and are making it over into a nice bath for us, but it’s only 13 by15 feet. “Big” ideas will be appreciated.

A: Just because a space is small, you don’t have to think small! Or necessarily draw your ideas from other little spaces … which is why I’m showing you a photo of this spacious and gracious bath by mega designer Jamie Herzlinger.

Jamie has a lot of big ideas, literally, about contemporary design and glamorous living with a mix of elegant materials. As a result, her design work is full of surprises: to wit, the free-standing tub and long, dark and handsome campaign-style cabinet with double sinks, metal accents and natural stone top.

As you’ll be bringing new plumbing into your bath anyway, you might consider floating the tub. Definitely consider dual lavs, once a luxury, but now almost de rigueur in a shared bath.

Jamie works another professional design trick to create the optical illusion of a wider room: She installed the flooring on the diagonal, defining the squares with a narrow band of mosaics, instead of the usual, ho-hum grout. With the wide window curtained in two lush layers of Austrian shades and a crystal light fixture sparkling overhead, this is a bath rich with space-making design tips that are well worth soaking up.

See more of Jamie’s legerdemain at jamieherzlinger.com.

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