Vermont Maturity  has been published since 1993.

Vermont Maturity magazine is published 6 times per year in both a print and digital format. It is mailed direct to subscribers and also distributed via newsstand to Vermonters age 50 and older in Chittenden County. It offers affordable print, website and editorial based advertising solutions specifically designed to professionally promote your company and products. If Boomers and Seniors living in Chittenden County are important to your business, Vermont Maturity gives you an inexpensive way to reach them.

Vermont Maturity offers an inexpensive and effective way to reach the key 50+ Consumer Demographic that:

  • Controls 70% of America’s Wealth
  • Owns 63% of US Financial Assets
  • Are Responsible for 57% of “Big Ticket” purchases (new cars, etc.)
  • Account for 51% of All Entertainment Spending
  • Now Dominate Consumer Spending

We publish news items and press releases for free for current advertisers and have some exciting new products including editorial based advertising packages and free bulk copies of the magazine to qualified recipients.

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