Simple Ways To Use Your Knowledge to Make Extra Money

People are always looking for new ways to make money. Whether you’re job hunting or you just want some extra spending money, there are always reasons to try and make a little more money than usual. Elderly people tend to have already gone through college, and many retired folks have extra free time and a desire to make extra money. How can you use the knowledge you already have for that? Try out these tips.

Start a Blog

With the availability of the internet, starting a blog is easier than ever. You can start a blog with absolutely no money invested into it. If you want your own domain and better theme options, you may want to invest some money, but even then, it’s surprisingly cheap to start out.

The great thing is, your blog can be about anything. Think about whatever you have the most knowledge about and interest in. Do you love cinema? Do you have great cooking skills? Do you spend a lot of time gathering fashion knowledge? Think about something you can blog about every day for the foreseeable future and consider getting started now.

Freelance in Your Industry

What was your career? Many elderly people had a career at some point, which often means a lot of very specific and technical know-how. That means you might have the information you need to do some freelance work today without having to be tied down to a job.

There are all sorts of freelancing sites out there where you can sell your skills for a bit of money. You can even set up exact skills you’re going to deliver on, like a single page of writing or setting up someone’s web hosting. Stick to whatever industry you were part of for the best results.

Answer Surveys

Survey sites abound in today’s world. There are many sites that want to pay you for doing surveys for them. While there are some survey sites that are low-paying or even flat-out scams, there are a huge variety that pay surprisingly well for a bit of your time.

You can often get surveys either on your phone or on your computer, making this additionally very accessible. Although this doesn’t typically pay enough for it to be a main source of income, it can be a useful way for retired people to get their opinion out.

Tutor Upcoming Students

Especially if you hold a college degree, tutoring may actually be a great option for you. Tutoring is a good way to help people understand more about their work, which can grow into a genuine love for their subject.

Tutoring is available through a variety of sources, including options like OneClass, which allows you to determine your own hours and access tutoring opportunities on your phone. If you have a college degree in an area that OneClass or other tutoring sites are looking for tutors in, consider applying.


When you have a lot of knowledge, you might not feel like it’s being used very well now that you’re retired. In fact, your worldliness and work experience can actually go much further than you may have thought before. Using your knowledge to make extra money really isn’t a tough play, especially if you know how to do it. Try out one of these options today to accrue some more spending money.

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