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Driving Safely in Work Zones

Information and Reminders to Keep Vermont Drivers Safe

Warm weather is finally here and so is road construction. And that means it’s time to refresh our safe driving in work zone skills with these tips:

  • Remember that work zone means any properly posted construction, maintenance or utility work site, and rules apply 24/7, not just during the workday.
  • Slow down! Speed limits are reduced and fines for speeding are doubled in work zones for a good reason:  to protect the workers.
  • Follow instructions from flaggers and signs.
  • Pay extra attention, minimize distractions and expect the unexpected.
  • Do NOT use handheld devices; it’s illegal in Vermont, except for certain emergency communications.
  • Turn on headlights for better visibility.
  • Be courteous, and merge as instructed, as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Don’t change lanes in the work zone, tailgate, or crowd the road crew. Maintain at least a 4-second following distance and give road workers as much space as possible. Try to keep up with the traffic flow.
  • Expect delays and schedule extra time, or seek an alternate route.
  • Be patient. Remember that they’re working hard to improve the roads for all of us.

Information provided by VT State Police, VT Department of Motor Vehicles, VT Agency of Transportation, VT Sheriffs Association, and AARP Driver Safety, members of the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance.

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