Green Up Your Green with Electronic Billing

Every year, more and more people resolve to green their finances – greening up their “green.” Below are seven reasons to resolve to pay bills electronically in 2010.
1. Save trees: If 20 percent of households switch to electronic bills, statements, and payments, 1.8 million trees would be saved each year. More trees mean better air quality.
2. Reduce clutter: 19 billion bills are delivered yearly. A 20 percent reduction would eliminate over 100 million pounds of paper.
3. Reduce greenhouse gas: If 20 percent fewer bills, statements, and checks are produced and transported, we’ll cut greenhouse gas by 2 million tons per year. Less greenhouse gas means cleaner air for us and future generations.
4. Save money: Pay bills electronically to avoid late fees, improve your credit rating, and save half a day’s time and close to $100 yearly.
5. Conserve water: Reducing use of paper bills, statements and checks by 20 percent eliminates 1.4 billion gallons of wastewater per year. Fresh water is one of the scarcest resources on the planet. Clean and abundant water protects human, animal and plant health.
6. Improve security: Take small steps to reduce your impact now and help secure a healthy environment for the future. Managing your finances electronically improves record keeping and reduces the risk of identity theft.
7. Save fuel & energy: if 20 percent of households make the switch, 103 million gallons of fuel will be saved each year. Less paper to produce and transport means cleaner air and less congestion on the road.
Also, readers can learn their personal impact with a Green Calculator: Log onto and use the Green Calculator to determine your personal environmental impact by greening up your “green.”
Source: – a not-for-profit coalition of financial services companies.

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