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Great and Affordable Holiday Gifts for Aging in Place

The holidays are upon us once again and you might be thinking of a gift for a loved one this year. Many of the hottest technology gifts of 2023 can be multi-purpose; technology that can help your senior live with more convenience and technology that can help your senior stay safe in their own home longer. As technology advances, it often gets less expensive and allows users to avoid big service subscription fees. 

Smart Home Solutions

Until recently, home automation used to be strictly for the wealthy. Smart home solutions have come way down in price and have become a thing for the masses. These systems are just what the doctor ordered to make homes safer and more accessible for seniors. Some key components include:

Home Automation: Smart devices can control lights, thermostats, and appliances through mobile apps on your phone. This can help seniors conserve energy and enhance their comfort.

Voice Assistants: Voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant provide quick access to information, weather updates, and even medication reminders.

Smart Security: Surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, and smart locks allow seniors to monitor their homes and control access remotely, enhancing their sense of security.

Fall Detection: Wearable devices like the Apple Watch, equipped with fall detection technology can automatically alert emergency services or caregivers if a fall occurs, reducing response time in case of emergencies. 

Many seniors who may have resisted wearing a dedicated alert bracelet or lanyard, have no problem wearing an Apple Watch.

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

Telehealth has revolutionized healthcare access for seniors, enabling them to receive medical care and consultations from the comfort of their homes. Seniors can consult with healthcare providers, manage chronic conditions, and even order prescription refills online. Remote monitoring devices, such as wearable fitness trackers and blood pressure monitors like the Apple Watch, can allow healthcare providers to track seniors’ health remotely, leading to more proactive and timely interventions.

Medication Management

Adherence to medication regimens can be challenging for seniors. Technology has stepped in to alleviate this issue:

Smart Pill Dispensers:  These devices dispense medication doses at scheduled times, sending alerts to seniors’ smartphones or caregivers if a dose is missed.Many Smart Pill Dispensers can be found on Amazon and other sites for well under $100.

Medication Reminder Apps:  Mobile apps for smart phones and watches can send medication reminders and provide information about prescriptions, dosage, and potential interactions. There are many very low-cost or free apps available.

Social Connectivity

Loneliness and isolation can be significant issues for seniors, but technology can help bridge the gap:

Video Calls:  Platforms like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime allow seniors to connect face-to-face with loved ones, reducing feelings of isolation.

Social Media and Online Communities:  Seniors can join online communities and social media platforms to connect with people who share their interests and experiences. Devices like Amazon Alexa allow one to connect with social media or make video calls to friends and family.

Technology is transforming the way seniors age in place. By embracing smart home solutions, telehealth, medication management tools, social connectivity, and transportation solutions, older adults can maintain their independence, safety, and well-being.  As technology continues to advance and become more common, its cost and availability made it much less expensive than days gone by. With the right support from tech, seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life and greater peace of mind as they navigate the challenges of aging.

Ben Durant is a leading Senior Real Estate Specialist in the State of Vermont and has a passion for supporting and defending his clients through the process of downsizing, right-sizing, and relocating in Vermont. Ben lives with his wife, Amy, and three children in Williston, Vermont. He can be reached at Ben@TransitionsVT.com or by calling directly at 802-355-6688. Visit his website at TransitionsVT.com.

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