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AARP Accepting Grant Applications from Vermont Towns

AARP Vermont has announced the launch of a community grant program that aims to issue grants of up to $24,000 among six Vermont towns or cities. The goal is to jump start Winter Placemaking demonstration projects that create public spaces and streets that are safe and accessible for everyone. This is the fifth year of AARP’s Placemaking Grant Program which aims to help communities build social capital that can help lead to permanent change that supports healthy, active lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities.

“AARP Vermont is committed to helping Vermont’s towns and cities create livable, vibrant communities for older adults to live and thrive.  We know that great communities take a long time to build and sustain,” said Kelly Stoddard Poor of AARP Vermont. “But we also believe ‘quick actions’ can be the critical spark for longer-term progress. With these grants we will support community efforts to spearhead a demonstration project that will help build momentum.”

The Placemaking projects are intended to inspire and educate community leaders and residents. “We have seen that these communities can start small by test-driving a process in the community with the expectation that the project will be further improved upon and refined over time — and hopefully lead to permanent change to the built environment,” explained Stoddard Poor. “We know that simple modifications can powerfully alter the health, economic, social, and ecological value of a community,” she said. “When community members and local officials can actually see and experience a new or altered space, they are better able to understand what is possible and how it can improve their community. Demonstration projects like these have led to positive exciting new improvements in communities across the country.”

The objectives of the Winter Placemaking Demonstration Projects are to help participants:

  • Enhance perceptions and attitudes toward community change.
  • Recognize how placemaking and community design influence successful aging, equity and health while enhancing overall livability.
  • Give participants an expanded toolkit to draw from to build healthier more vibrant public spaces during the winter months.

Examples of placemaking projects across the country, as well as many other resources, are here.

These materials will help to deepen an understanding of ways to use placemaking in community projects. Grant program RFP and Applications are posted here with all the details for eligibility, project criteria and submission.

Applications should be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, to be eligible for consideration. For more information email

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