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Age Well Offers Free Online Nutrition Education Videos

Age Well, the leading experts on aging in Northwestern Vermont, offers free Nutrition Education online. Offered to the public at no cost, learn about nutrition, food shopping, and more, all from the comfort of your home. 

Age Well’s Registered Dietician, Brigitte Harton, RD, CD, NBC-HWC shares knowledge and provides tips for getting and staying healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as how to benefit from Federal nutrition programs.

These videos help you learn about:

  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Shake Down the Salt Habit
  • Become a Nutrition Facts Label Expert
  • Healthy Cooking for One or Two
  • Managing Diabetes with the Plate Method

The videos can be found on Age Well’s YouTube channel.

You can learn more about Age Well by visiting

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