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Age Well Introduces Board Member John Hammer

Age Well, the leading experts on aging in Northwestern Vermont, is highlighting local board member John Hammer. Hammer, a former resident of Charlotte, now residing in Shelburne, and retired naval officer, has been volunteering for Age Well’s Meals on Wheels program for over three years. Despite COVID-19 temporarily pausing his volunteer route, Hammer thoroughly enjoys volunteering and is excited to get back when it is safe:

“I really miss my route. You really feel good after volunteering. Implicit in the human kind is the need to do others well. You can look at all the bad things in the world; I still think if you do something nice for someone it makes you feel good. The human soul needs the stimulation of doing something for other people. After you volunteer you always have a smile on your face.”

Hammer recently joined Age Well’s Board of Directors in July of 2020, and had this to say about furthering his work with Age Well:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has pointed out how very important personal contact, albeit at a physical distance, is for us all. It is even more critical now for our aging population and the programs run by Age Well go a long way towards meeting this need. There is still a lot more that needs to be done and I am willing to help meet the challenge.”

Age Well is grateful to have the experience and dedication that John Hammer brings to the Age Well Board. Learn more about the Board of Directors and Leadership team.

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