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Living Well Group Receives Donation from Northfield Savings Bank

The Living Well Group is pleased to announce a contribution from Northfield Savings Bank to support the organization’s work. Living Well Group is a non-profit, residential care organization addressing health disparities in our greater community through innovative approaches and outreach programs. The non-profit provides care for people 60+ with a focus on well-being, including engaging activities that help prevent social isolation, keep residents healthy, and bring the community into our residences, as well as bring our residents out into the community as appropriate in today’s pandemic world.

This generous donation will help offset the additional pandemic related expenses Living Well Group has continued to incur to protect its residents and staff. This past year has been extremely difficult for the organization as financial and logistical support from the state and federal governments for critical activities and supplies like testing and PPE are not as readily available as in 2020. This year’s donation was presented by Northfield Savings Bank’s Vice President of Commercial Banking, Rosemarie White, to Living Well Group’s Executive Director, Geoff Lindemer, at their Waterbury branch office. 

Mr. Lindemer noted that their long-term relationship with the bank has been a key resource during the last eighteen months. “Especially during this pandemic, a solid relationship with our bank has been critically important. Northfield Savings Bank has been with us every step of the way. “

“In addressing community needs, Northfield Savings Bank believes in the strength and synergy that results from dynamic investments and partnerships,” said Ms. White. “We understand the importance of working together to help keep people and communities moving forward during good times and particularly during challenging times.”

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