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United Way Announces $1.7 million in Community Funding

United Way of Northwest Vermont—an organization dedicated to improving lives in Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle counties—announces its plans to distribute $1.7 million in community funding in 2021, raised through a combination of United Way’s annual community campaign, federal grants and United Way’s COVID-19 response and recovery funds. The new funding distribution begins in June.

United Way’s board of directors unanimously approved the plan at its March meeting. The new community funding portfolio will support programs and initiatives that address United Way’s key strategies: meeting basic needs (housing, food, transportation), supporting families, promoting mental health, and reducing substance misuse. These key strategies were determined by extensive community-wide study and outreach.

United Way’s funding commitment is despite a recent drop in annual campaign donations and pledge payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new funding model aims to reduce the burden on nonprofits to apply for funding and offer increased flexibility in how they utilize the funds to achieve the greatest impact.

United Way FY 2021-22 Community InvestmentsFunding SourceAmount
Campaign Funded GrantsCommunity Campaign$875,000
State of Vermont Youth Substance Use Prevention GrantsOne-Time State Grant$315,000
United Response and Recovery FundsCOVID-19 Giving$210,000
Donor Directed Gifts to OrganizationsCommunity Campaign$268,000
Vermont 211Community Campaign$52,000
TOTAL $1,720,000

United Way’s community investments serve more than 40,000 people annually in every city and town in its three- county service region. For every dollar raised through its annual community campaign, United Way leverages additional investments and the power of volunteers to invest $2.25 back into the community.

For more information including a complete list of community funding grants, visit

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